“Become Your Own Film Festival Manager I”

Are you ready to take your film on a life changing journey?
A good film alone is not enough for people to reach it – its exploitation must be strategically prepared.

Film festivals are the best way to inspire others, to get feedback on your work, to grow yourself and to make important new contacts.

What you will learn:

  • How to writea logline and synopsis that presents your film properly
  • Create your attractive film poster and
  • Arouse curiosity about your film with a thrilling trailer
  • My workflow of creating the screeners and DCP
  • Set up your easy and dynamic film website without coding
  • Create your logo and business cards for your networking appearance at film festivals
  • Learn about my personal storytools and tricks for your social media channels and much more!

This course helps you preparing building your own film festival kit.
It is a practical guide with lots of examples of my own journey with “Paris you got me”

Reveive a SNEAK PEAK present: How to create your filmposter

After each lesson you will receive a summary in the PDF resources with a task that will take you one step further in completing the preparation of your film for submission to film festivals.

About me
Why I created this course:

My visits to film festivals in recent years are one of the experiences in my artistic career that I would not want to miss.
I was lucky enough to win more than 70 prizes worldwide with my last short film “Paris you got me” and to be invited to film festivals as a jury member.

I was often asked how I managed to get invited to so many film festivals without the help of a film festival agency or manager. With some interested filmmakers I did some live online coaching, but promised to do a practical course about it one day.

This is also my way of saying “thank you” to everyone who made these trips and valuable encounters possible.

There are also some more news to share with you here.

I got so excited about this course and my current film production, so I am building up something bigger to stay connected with you:
A sharing and caring community of “Film Festival Secrests”.
More information about it you will get in the course, you can also make an application for this community to get on my list.

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