Story/ Director/ Choreographer/ Editor

The sweet scent of a dangerous nightmare

The Story

A mysterious mistress enters an old, smoky tangobar. She spatters herself with a crystalline flask of perfume. The man sitting at the bar is fascinated and follows her infatuating scent to the dancing floor. They rapidly are getting closer to each other…

She is a dangerous mistress, who takes advantage of the hazardous weapons she has at her disposal:  the enticing transformation into a “Black Widow”, a jeopardizing spider!
Here you can watch a Teaser of the film:

Julie Boehm wrote this film in her second year at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.
The time of production was 6 months. She also directed and edited this shortfilm.
After a successful Film-Festival Tour Black Widow was set online:


Filmshooting Makingof at the studios of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and “Schwarzweiss- Bar” in Wittenberg

Julie Boehm started writing concepts for advertising in 2013 for the “Drittmittel Projekte” at the Filmakademie. Since then she has been fascinated about combining commerce to art.
Black Widow is a Fashion Film­.
This category is a “new vague” aiming to provoque people: to make people think about themselves after having watched your film. Nowadays advertising films also affect your emotional life!

Makingof Shooting

Alina teases him to dance

She transforms into a spider and spins him into a spiderweb


StoryBoard (Julie Boehm)

Cover of the Pitch Board by Julie Boehm (photo: Steter GmbH / model: Julie Boehm)

First idea for the story:
An attractive couple of lovers kisses each other passionately. A magic blue dust is wrapping them both in a cloud of smoke. At the very point of highest ecstasy she bites into his lip and injects her infatuating poison. As a consequence he sinks hypnotized to the ground. The mistress is getting up. Her elegant body is starting to change by aesthetic abstract movements into a wicked beautiful spider. The pupils are dyeing to black, on her front additional eyes are opening. She dances in whirling acrobatic poses around her prey. She jumps by a mighty bounce close to him. The adolescent seems as if stupefied. By a soft touch to his cheek with her dark hand he seems to return slowly from his narcotized condition into consciousness, into world of reality. With an elegant jump of her slim high-heeled shoes over his enraptured body she transforms herself back to a lady and disappears fast. The stupefying blue dust fades away. His eyes have still been closed and his mouth changes to a smile like in a dream.


Early Concept for the Costume (Julie Boehm)

Process of the costume (Birgit Mörtl)

Headpiece (Birgit Mörtl)

Movie Poster (Julie Boehm)

Thanks to the amazing Team who made this project possible


Eric Figula

Director, Writer, Editor: Julie Boehm
Producer: Aleksandra Todorovic and Nina Schwarz
VFX: Marc Zimmermann
DoP: Dominik Moos
Camera assistant: Leo Eßbach
Camera coach: Jonas Schneider
Gaffer: Max Christmann
Mirco Jüngling, Dennis Czaja
Technical Assistant: Tim Weskamp
DIT: Friedemann Leis
Art Director: Maike Kiefer
Assitants: Antonie Kiefer, Ayca Arabaci, Miriam Behrens
Fashion Design, Mask, Makeup, Styling: Birgit Mörtl
BW-Film supernumerary Katja Trautwein, Marisa Meier , Emilia Reich
Set Photographers: Gerhard Busch , Michael Vogel

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Big thanx to our sponsors:

Kölln Müsli
red bull
Ibis Hotel
Bäckerei Luckscheiter
Polizeipräsidium Ludwigsburg


2018 Finalist at the “Grand IndieWise Convention” 

2017 Official Online Selection New York Film Week
2017 Official Online Selection at the Grand IndieWise ConventionMiami/ Florida
2017 Official Online Selection New York Film Week
2017 Official Online Selection at the Grand IndieWise Convention, Miami/ Florida
2017 Official Online Selection New York Film Week

2016 Dec 4th Official Selection at the Paranomal Film Festival Chicago
2016 Oct 14th.-16th Official Selection at the Brooklyn Horror Film Fest
2016 Oct 3rd-9th Official Selection at Filmzeit Kaufbeuren
2016 Sept 14th – Official Selection at the London Fashion Film Festival
2016 Sept 22nd-25th Nominated for Category ‘Best Student Film’ at the 6th Annual NOLA Horror Film Fest
2016 Sept 12th- 18th Official Selection at the Splat!FilmFest – Polish International Horror Film Festival, Lublin
2016 3.-6. July “Official Selection” at the MULTIFEST VI International Exhibition of Cinema – Guadalajara, Mexico
2016 July 14th  Official Selection at the “Open Eye Filmfestival”, Marburg
2016 July 14th   Highlights Screening Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
2016 June 24th Love Horror Short Film Festival 2016, Sacramento , California – Official Selection

2016 June 17th-19th  Comicpalooza, Houston, Texas
2016 June 11th & 12th Horror Con Caligary, Alberta, Canada
2016 June 4th
European International Film Festival – St. Petersburg – Official Selection
2016 June 3rd – 12th TrèsCourt FilmFestival, Paris – Official Selection
2016 May 26th-29th “International Vampire Film and Arts Festival”, Transilvania – Winning Award: Silver Stake Award
2016 May 23rd-29th Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival, Nocturna 2016.
2016 May 3rd -8th Kurzfilmnacht, „filmkunstfest M-V”, Schwerin
2016 April 29th “Bad Film Fest” New York, Screening
Winning Award: “Excellence in Freaking Out the Audience”

2016 April 22th and 23th “BOKEH Mercedes Benz Fashion Film Festival”, Capetown  Official Selection
2016 April 9th Festival de Cine de Lanzarote  Official Selection
2016 March 11/12th
“Drunken Zombie Film Festival” Official Selection
2016 “Goldensun Short Film Festival” Malta, Official Selection 

2015 “Los Angeles Cinefest” Official Selection


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