The Dance of the Elements (2017)

for the GalaDinner of the FMX 2017
Story/ Director/ Choreographie/ Projection Visuals/ Editor

FMX is an annual conference dedicated to animation, computer graphics and visual effects, taking place in May in the “Haus der Wirtschaft” in Stuttgart, and hosted by the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. For 2017 they chose our trailer “Elemental” as the official one of this Conference.
The theme of this year’s edition was “Beyond the Screen”- thus they also asked me to create a multimedia dance performance featuring “the Dance of the Elements”

Photos of the Dance Show

Aerial silk performance (at a height of 5-10 meters), video projection, haze & light show; about150-200 guests

The inspiration for the Show “Dance of the Elements” was inspired by the official Trailer Elemental of the FMX:

At the beginning each element is interpreted with its own style. They approach each other and begin to fight. Fire defeats water. It sinks limply to the ground.
In the surreal middle part, the strong male element becomes aware that he has to call all powers and in a dance of approach and repulsion brings them back to life.
The image of the performance ends in the last pose: the 5th element.
It stands for the very last, divine power.
The union of all elements could only come about through a common will in the pursuit of common growth.
Symbolically for the visitors of FMX who enrich the conference with their own creative genius to something greater.

Concept/ Choreo / Edit
Julie Böhm
Musik/Sounddesign/ Showlights
Marc Zimmermann
ProducerLena Lohfink,
Irene Schubert
 Momo Sanno

Camera Dominik Moos, Kumaran Herold, Niklas Zidarov
Photographer: Bernd Henschtel

Styling by Julie Boehm


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