Rued 1971

Scenic Shortfilm 8″
Script/ Director/ Production Design/ Editor/ VFX

The story of an old man who achieves his final desire by the invention of a magic machine

Produced at the Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg,
Filmgestaltung 1 – written, directed and edited by Julie Boehm

The camera team of a local transmission station is paying a visit to the 75 years old Ruediger Beckerle to get an interview in his workshop. Many years ago that man had begun to develop a time machine after his wife Mathilda’s death. He wants to fetch back his sweetheart. But since then totally different personalities appeared from the machine such as Napoleon, Einstein and Marilyn Monroe. They couldn’t help him. Ruediger demonstrates the capabilities of his machine. This time Salvador Dali leaves the miracle exit. He hands a biscuit to Ruediger …

Directors notice:
This film is a mix of Dada, some allusion to Marcel Duchamps. Dali, Harry Potter or whatever you will see in it.

It is also a hommage to my grandmother „Ilse Beckerle (Mathilda in the film)“ who died in 2009- one of the strongest and most positive women I ever knew. Each time you felt bad she had the proper words to go on moving.
RIP – you see her on the photo in Ruedigers secret box and also on the clockwheel on the time machine.

Storyboard Extracts

Cast: Peter Barth (Ruediger), Simone Pivetta (Salvador Dali)
Crew: Script: Julie Boehm Directors: Julie Boehm
Director of Photography: Friedemann Leis
Sounddesign: Tobias Scherer
Sound: Driton Sadiku, Samuel Gall
Editor: Julie Boehm Stage Setting: Julie Boehm
Photographer (Set): Samuel Gall, Sagaphoto
Producer: Julie Boehm // Props: Julie Boehm
Gaffer: Jan Wittkopp
Animation-/VFX-Producing: Julie Boehm
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH Copyright 2014

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