Scenic Painter

On an epic journey Leonardo Da Vinci Discovers Love for himself. But his way it is sweaty and exhausting

Some time ago the film producer Felix Fahle asked me to paint DaVincis Mona Lisa for his new advertisement for Eis.de
Time was short: I had 4 days to do the oil painting on poplar wood.

Here are some Makingof of my painting process:

Besides director Brezing, Adrian Schwarze (book), Felix Fahle (producer), Verena Mühling, Christoph Bockisch (image design), Larissa Bonitz (set design), Christina Mast (assistant set designer), Julie Böhm (stage painting), Grete Kellermann (costume design), Tim Scheidig (make-up), Johanna Roth (sound design), Farina Hasak (editor), Jonas Schwall (film music), Holger Eck (head lighting), Sirius Kestel (set sound) and Timm Völkner (motion design). The Leonardo actor is Jakob Graf. tt


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