Medium – Lora Art”

Scenic Shortfilm 2″
Script/ Director/Producer/ Editor

The inspiration of nature flows through the brush strokes of an artist and gives rise to an enchanting transformation

It is a fashion film that promotes the spirit of LORA ART SWIMWEAR as an artistic inspiring brand in an emotional way. 

Her mission is to bring art and nature together to transform the beaches into “galleries of art”.

The FIlm

Film about the artist Lora Tulchinski that gets inspired by the impressions of the nature while sitting next to the beach.

Preproduction (Animatic and planning): December 2019
Production (Filmshooting): January 2020
Postproduction (Editing, VFX, Sounddesign / Filmmusic): Summer 2020
Finish: Autumn 2020

World Premier: LaJolla

makingof shooting

Director of Photography Dominik Moos
Director / Script and Storyboard / Editor: Julie Boehm
VFX/ Score: Marc Zimmermann

Artist: Lora Tulchinsky
Sea Creature: Anna Zhyhalova
Extra: Esther Karrer
Makeup: Lora Tulchinsky

23./24.07.2021 World Premier at LaJolla Fashion Film Festival (US)


Special Thanks:
Ehud Cohen and Maike Karrer

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