“UREKA– Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival” (2020)

Scenic Shortfilm 5″
Script/ Director/Producer/ Editor

“A seed neither fears light nor darkness, but uses both to grow.”

Watch the full film now

The trailer of the Bodypainting Festival:

Trailer of the Festival

“Ureka” tells the story of a man who plants a seed on the dry soil in the hope of growth:
A symbolic act for the founding of the Equatorial Bodypainting Festival.
His dream is to create an event to reconnect our society to nature and back to our elemental power of nature grow in this country discovering and merging into its beauty.

The Second Edition of the Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival held in the Malabo National Park was a stunning display of beauty and talented artistry.

The theme of this festival was “Origins”: Water, Earth, Air and Fire.
Top artists from around the world as well as local artists transformed regular people into bodypainting artworks.

The Spirit of this Bodypainting Festival is very unique:

Because the success of an artists doesn’t come from the fame they gain, but from the lives they impact along the way, and that is that’s our goal, to impact lives.

Miguel Angel (Festival Director)

Big thanks to the organizers who made us come together for this wonderful creative time on this beautiful inspiring place of nature:
Ehud Cohen and Lora Tulchinski



Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival
March 2 – 3, 2021

I was also responsible for the Social Media VideoContent.
Every day that had activities Enzo Hoch edited a short clip for Instagram. Here are some of them:

Watch here some of the Interviews with the featured artists/ Visitors:

Artist Lucia Postacchini
Photographer Tobias Spranger
Tourist Petro Marais
Dancer Anjelica Losk
Artist Dutch Bihary
Artist Avi Ram
Artist Matteo Arfanotti


Director, Script, Producer, Editor, Interviews: Julie Boehm

Director of Photography: Dominik Moos

Editor of Social Media: Enzo Hoch
Rough Cut EGBF FIlm Origins: Enzo Hoch

Music Track “Dance of the Elements”: Marc Marc Zimmermann aka. “EpicScapes”


Visitor: Frank Nicols

Pole-Dancer “Element Air” and the “5th Element”
Anjelica Losk

“Element Water” Sarah Kampitsch

Siren Anna Zhyhalova

“Element Fire” Daniel Baute Hidalgo

Fire Artist: Jorge

Bodypainters / Makeup Artists

“Element Air” Lora Tulchinski

“Element Earth“ Olga Sokolova

“Element Water” Birgit Moertl

Siren Matteo Arfanotti

“Element Fire” Matteo Arfanotti, Avi Ram

“Fusion Elements” Sanatan Dinda, Panchali Banerjee

 “5th Element” Yasmina Jacinto

further artists:
Alex Hansen
Angel Lima
Anna Wistrich
Dutch Bihari
Esther Karrer
Gabriel Sangale Endje
Giusy Campolungo
Lucia Postacchini
Miguel Angel
Nick Wolfe
Yulia Vlasova



Production of EGBF 2020

Director: Miguel Angel Guapacha

Lora Tulchinski
Daniel Lindo de Brito
Luis Rodríguez
Maike Karrer
Carolina Cruz
Daniel Baute Hidalgo
Luz Mary Rincón
Maria Librada
Fatima Cecilia Villalba Ruiz Diaz.
Mustapha Togolese
Maura Celeste Cardozo de Ojeda
Valeriano Ela Avomo
Hipólito Ela Mabale Angono
Christiana Besong

Dmitri Moissev
Leon Sokoletski 
Max Marrón
Tobias Spranger

Extra Videography
Tobias Spranger

Drone Operator
Petro Marais


Presento: Frank Nicols
DJ: Juan de León
Light Master / Sound Master: Kevin Kevin Harkins 

Presidencia de la Republica
Tesorería General del estado
Ministerio de Cultura, Turismo y Promoción Artesanal
Banco Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial
Parque Nacional de Malabo
Enoha Tours
Lora Artwear
Globus Tur
Superstar Paint
Art Factory


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