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Laterna Magica

The new Trailer of the “Festival of Nations”, where I thematise film history itself. The festival celebrates its 49th edition this autumn.

The trailer shows a magician who pulls the play of light out of his hat, quoting film moments and reflecting on the medium itself:
One ticket to the moon and admission to the Festival of Nations.

I was a part of the jury in 2020 and in 2019 I won the main prize “LENZ” with my shortfilm “Paris you got me”. 

The production was very “Covid conform”: My two actors on separate dates and a “One Man Crew (me)” in my studio in Wittenberg.


makingof and outtakes of the shooting with the magician

Vlog about the production of “Laterna Magica

Test for the SFX Makeup Moon
Shooting “Holly Scissorshand”

MAGICIAN: Karsten Girsch (LosLachos, Comedy Theater)
MODEL (Moon, Edward, Holly): Nicole Lorenz

Special Thanks to

Marc Zimmermann
David Steffen
Ralf Kitzberger
Christian Gaigg

Festival of Nations


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