“Best Cinematography” at Bokeh Fashion Film Festival

The Bokeh Fashion Film Festival in Cape Town has to be understood more as a commercial, experimental event for fashion. I was particularly fascinated by the very creative selection of films, which is so different from the normal narrative films of conservative festivals. The main prize was won by an innovative film made with screencapture on the PC.

We got 7 Nominations and we WON “Best Cinematography” at the Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival for

BEST ACTOR Parkhatskaya Ksenia Liam Michael Scullion
BEST SOUND/MUSIC Marius Kirsten Tobias Scherer Luis Schoeffend
BEST CREATIVE MAKEUP: Elisabeth Harms Julie Boehm
BEST ARTDIRECTION Marc Zimmermann , Julie BoehmMarian Korenika, Domi Rox

The festival had Tim Burton as its theme and so the event was transformed into a fairytale castle by Corpes Bride. You can see that behind this event are people with dreams.

In Germany they had advised against this festival, because it is not very relevant in the film industry. However, during the trip I was able to make valuable new contacts for my work, which reaches into the fashion industry.

winning “Best Cinematography” at Bokeh Fashion Film Festival , Part I
winning “Best Cinematography” at Bokeh Fashion Film Festival , Part II

 Bokeh Fashion Film Festival in South Africa BOKEHFFF18

All started with the directors panel in the AFDAthe south african school of motion picture and performance

I talked about the production , showing the makingof and presented the film

This was the day of the award ceremony in Capetown: a huge event including a creative program, of talks about fashion, filmmaking, art exhibitions, fashionshows and great  food and drinks!

I also got invited to fly to St Petersburg presenting my film at another event of the festival. Here you can see the castle

Johannesburg Part II of Bokeh FFF
doing hairstyling for the event

– Check out all WINNERS at their Website 

For more information go to www.bokehfestival.co.za

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Instagram: @bokehfff

I was modelling for a workshop of the international makeup expert Einat Dan

Besides screenings, talks and workshops, there were catwalk events and a makeup contest where I came in 2nd place.

My work for the creative makeup award inspired by Tim Burton at the Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival won 2nd place!

I created 2 Makeups in one makeup to show the different characters of Tim Burtons Films – you have to look with different colours of light:

photos by Julie Boehm

Everyone of us has two faces: the bright and the dark side – with Edward and most of Tim Burtons characters we get to see the dark one, because it seems to be more interesting – but the bright one, the inner soul is hidden. Edward gets missunderstood due to his scary appearance, which hides his true talents. So I wanted to do a makeup showing two sides – the bright and innocent you can only see with the red light

photos by Julie Boehm

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