Judging at the Festival of Nations 2022

The past week I was invited as a judge of the 50th edition of the “Festival of Nations” @Cinema Lichtspielhaus in Lenzing in Austria.
If you remember my short “Laterna Magica” – it was the trailer of this festival.

I painted the lantern man for the gala as a gift for the 50th anniversary.
In 2019 I won the main prize with ‘Paris you got me’ and was already in the jury in 2020.

I love the discussion panels with the filmmakers and audience. Are you also a short film fan?

so here are my Impressions of the week in Austria

We were 6 jurors.
In internal discussion rounds, we together determined the winners . Here are my jury statements of the categories

Best Newcomer: “Just a Little” Lena Rose, Hanna Gruber, Lauren Klocker
When we are alone, the voice inside – melancholic sweet bitter beautifully rhymed – announces itself.
dark feelings flicker in abstract moments of movement.
With the surreal actors we die only a little on the screen.
Thank you for this intense, inner journey
Congratulations to our newcomer award team Lena Rose and Hanna Gruber who also played the main roles and Lauren Klocker who also directed the camera.

Best Experimental: “Tutopique Spleen” Maurice Huvelin
Our head is round, so that thinking can change direction once in a while (Francis Picabia about “Dada”)
short and sweet was this strangely refreshing one minute piece.
With a smile we realize at the end: artistic creation can be so simple and short.

Best Comedy: “You’re dead Helen” Michiel Blanchart
Stay with me’ – Maxime’s request becomes his undoing.
Because Helene, remains stuck to him like a bland slime even after death.
A bittersweet horror comedy about the transience and the existence of life.

Jury Award: “The Letter Room” Elvira Lind, Sofia Sondervan
From invasion of privacy on death row to dehumanization to what it means to feel loved.
The story of Richard, a lonely prison officer, has grown on us.
A film about humanity in a seemingly inhumane system.


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